Photo Exhibit

Please read the “Photo Project” section of the Initiative’s projects before reading about the photo exhibit establishment.  After every student had participated in the Photo Project photo shoot, we dedicated some time for each of the 41 participants to choose one photo out of all the photos they had taken to be displayed in the photo exhibit. The photo selection process encouraged them to choose the picture that had the most value to them.  

In addition, each participant titled their photo. We framed the photos and put the year 2008 along with the photographers’ first and last names underneath the photo. Mr. Sarukhanyan, a teacher at the school, along with a villager, built a structure to display the 41 photos on the walls of the school.  

The youth hosted the photo exhibit opening on August 16, 2008. Villager and youth alike were awaiting the display of the photos and a crowd of approximately 80 people (including youth) showed up to view the photos.  The village was out of electricity during that evening, but the villagers waited in front of the school doors for over an hour for the power outage to be fixed.  Some villagers were so eager to see the exhibit that they went inside the school with a flashlight and gathered a crowd to begin looking at the photos with minimal light.  When the light came back, everyone was invited inside the school. The youth decided that the exhibit would become a permanent exhibit at the school as a gift from them and this year’s summer program.