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Before I welcome you, I’d like to pose a question to those of Armenian decent. Have you ever realized how super fortunate and privileged you are to have independent Nagorno Karabakh Republic/Artsakh? It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Tsmakahogh Village Initiative’s website! Thank you for your interest in the Initiative. I hope you’ll find it to be inspiring, which may in turn encourage you to start thinking of ways to get involved in Artsakh’s development in a sector that is close to your passion and expertise. It doesn’t necessarily have to be building a village from scratch or providing modern healthcare facilities to the heroic people of Artsakh. You can become involved in something small but significant, which will most likely touch the lives of dozens of people that need education, healthcare, transportation, jobs, roads and more. I will tell you though that you can make a difference in Artsakh even with solely your physical presence… I am convinced.