Fundraiser Concert

On August 12, 2006 the Glendale High School Auditorium hosted a benefit concert to rebuild the school at Chinari Village in Armenia. This was an evening filled with unlimited love, hope and tangible work towards our holy country Armenia and our strong people: Armenians!

More than 1,500 Armenians gathered together in Glendale to rebuild the Chinari Village School located in the Tavush region, Armenia.

Many talented artists made the concert a night for everyone to remember for the years to come! Many artists for the first time performed with their daughters, sons, brothers, sisters and students to make this a unique concert!

Chinari School

The old condition of the school building

Prier to the reconstruction, the following problems interfered with students' proper schooling:

  1. The school had a nonfunctional heating system for the past 15 years
  2. The gymnasium was in disrepair and unusable
  3. The furniture was too old and unusable
  4. The restroom had no water and was in a poor condition

During the 2007-08 academic year, the Chinari School will serve 177 students.

13 students in the 1st grade (6 boys and 7 girls)
8 students in the 2nd grade (2 boys and 6 girls)
17 students in the 3rd grade (7 boys and 10 girls)
15 students in the 4th grade (7 boys and 8 girls)
17 students in the 5th grade (12 boys and 5 girls)
16 students in the 6th grade (8 boys and 8 girls)
14 students in the 7th grade (3 boys and 11 girls)
23 students in the 8th grade (14 boys and 9 girls)
21 students in the 9th grade (14 boys and 7 girls)
18 students in the 10th grade (10 boys and 8 girls)
15 students in the 11th grade (7 boys and 8 girls)

The project


To make the school fully functional and affective, the following projects were completed:

  1. The gym and the dressing rooms were completely rebuilt and refurbished
  2. The pre-existing but completely nonfunctional hitting system was renovated
  3. The classrooms, the administration office and the principal's office were furnished
  4. The entire interior was painted including walls, floors and ceilings
  5. The lavatory was built including a washing area
  6. The single glass windows were converted to double layer to ensure warmer classrooms

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