Jan. 9, 2009

Dear friends,

You may now watch the Chinari School reopening ceremony in the video section.


Nelli Martirosyan

Sep. 20, 2007

Dear friends,

It is with immense pleasure that I announce the reopening of Chinari Village School in Tavoosh region, Armenia.  On August 21, 2007, about 200 villagers came to the reopening ceremony of the Chinari School including 70 students who attend the school.


The school administration organized a reopening ceremony during which the students of Chinari School spoke about the history of the village. They also expressed how proud the heroic Chinaretsi people were to be able to live on this piece of land that had been fought for by their fathers, brothers, uncles only 15 years ago.

I spoke to many villagers at Chinari who shared their courageous stories with me with regards to Artsakh war. I learned about their harsh living conditions, including their social, psychological and physical conditions they have had during the war.  

In addition, I learned that Chinaretsi people have protected our boarders by fighting with hummers and axes at the beginning of the war since they did not have adequate weapons. Moreover, I learned that all of the villagers' funerals and wedding ceremonies were conducted secretly at nights during the war, since the boarder was too close to the enemy. After hearing all of these stories, I came to the conclusion that no matter what we do for these villagers it can’t and shouldn’t be compared to the hardships they had to go through in order to protect Armenia. 

Please visit the gallery section of the website to view the numerous new pictures of Chinari, the children, the people, the reopening ceremony and the reconstructed school. In addition, to read the letter of commendation from the Head of Staff of the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia, please click here

I thank all those who supported Chinaretsies by taking part in the benefit concert, which took place on August 12, 2006.  

Finally, I encourage and ask everyone to always remember that after hundreds of years of struggle, we are now fortunate to have an independent Armenia on the map of the world and the unique opportunity to take part in her development. 

Warmest regards,

Nelli Martirosyan 



Aug. 1, 2007

Dear friends,

Please accept my invitation to a wonderful event, the reopening of Chinari Village School, which will take place on Tuesday, August 21, 2007. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at depiHayrenik@gmail.com.


Nelli Martirosyan

Sep. 3, 2006

Dear friends,

I would like to inform you that $43,649.21 was raised during the Chinari concert. The entire concert was sold out. In other words 1,500 people bought tickets and took part in this event. In addition, many groups and individuals made donations. I have already transferred the money to Yerkir USA (www.yerkirusa.org). Yerkir USA had found a sponsor who donated $2,000 after the concert, bringing the total raised to $45,649.21. Construction of the Chinari School will be completed in August 2007 and the Chinari School students will start the new year in their new school. I will keep you informed of the progress of the project on this website.

I greatly thank everyone who took action to rebuild the Chinari School.

Yours truly,

Nelli Martirosyan

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