School Improvement

One of the original projects of the Initiative was the school improvement project. Through this project, the school received a globe, 79 books, 14 maps, and sport activity supplies.  Also, a digital library was created in the school, which currently consists of approximately 30 DVDs. Ten of the educational DVDs were received from Armenia Tree Project.  

In addition to these wonderful improvements, the museum dedicated to the ten heroes of Tsmakahogh who fell during the Artsakh war was remodeled. Two representatives of the Humanitarian Committee and I went to Stepanakert to purchases all the remodeling supplies.  The soldier’s museum is called “Parki Srah.” While in Stepanakert, the youth had the opportunity to have their own shopping experience. We didn’t purchase the first items we saw because we made price comparisons.  We took our time to go to different stores to check the prices and variety of the items they were looking for. After visiting several relevant stores, the youth made the choice to purchase the necessary items for the remodeling of the museum at the lowest price and best quality available at the time of the purchase. Afterwards, during one of their meetings, the youth set on a date to meet to remodel the room. Everyone was excited and happy to be a part of the shopping experience or the remodeling.  

Moreover, the school’s sculpture class was reopened, which had been closed due to lack of equipment. By means of a donation made by Eliza Dzhaneryan, Mr. Sarukhanyan, the sculpture teacher, purchased 32 tools during his visit to Yerevan. The school principal allocated a room in the school to Mr. Sarukanyan, who is now happily teaching in the reopened class.  Since September 2008, Mr. Sarukanyan has been passing on his unique talents and skills of sculpture to the future of Artsakh.  

Lastly, two computers were donated to the computer lab that already had one computer. The school received the computer donations from Milena Mkrtchyan and Father Avedis Abovian.  A printer was also given to the school and added to the computer lab.