The youth really enjoyed excursions. One of the excursions was to a place located in the village called "Gagoyi Aghbyur."  This site was built by one of the villagers who had collected stones for over ten years.  When he had gathered enough stones, the villager made tables and chairs out of the stones he had collected.  

When the youth introduced the idea of having excursions, I was afraid of the costs that we would incur as a result of the trips they wanted to make. However, I did not think that they would consider a visit, for example, to a site in Tsmakahogh an excursion. Gagoyi Aghbyur was a mere 10-15 minute walk from their homes and still it was considered an excursion for them. Participants brought their own food and beverages with them. We also brought music with us.  While at Gagoyi Aghbyur, we dedicated some time to play.  

Additionally, the youth wished to visit Khachen river as another excursion.  Because we were able to reach Khachen river by foot, we made the journey twice. We all loved swimming in the river.  Khachen river was a 45-minute walk from Tsmakahogh. We had a picnic during each of our trips with the food that each youth had brought from his/her home. The river excursions turned out to be one of the most enjoyable activities we had during the summer.  

Another excursion the youth really wanted to make was a trip to Gandzasar monastery. Some people of Artsakh say that if one visits Artsakh and doesn't visit Gandzasar monastery, it means he/she hasn't visited Artsakh. The monastery was constructed from 1216-1266. We visited Gandzasar and while there we lit candles, enjoyed the environment and returned to Tsmakahogh.