Visiting an Elderly Home

Visiting an elder’s home was the next visit following the orphanage.  The youth greatly enjoyed this experience and had a lot of fun. They played board games with the elders, mostly with men as women were indoors. The girls went into the rooms of elderly women and had an opportunity to speak to them.  

Additionally, we purchased 100 kilograms of watermelon, sponsored by Tamar Hayrikyan, which we took with us to the elderly home. The youth had fun cutting the watermelons and taking it to the elders. They walked around the elder’s home, inside the first and second floors to give away the watermelon. At the end of the day, the youth received presents from the executive director of the elder’s home.  We left all the board games for the elders.   

On our way back we took a picture in front of the famous statue in Stepanakert titled “We Are Our Mountains” and happily returned to Tsmakahogh.