Computer Classes

There were approximately 40-43 students between ages of 6-16 who were eager to learn how to use computers. They didn’t want to miss a single piece of instruction because they were very curious to learn all that they could about computers. The computer classes were one of the things that all students shared an interest for. Some youth already had some previous knowledge but nearly 80% of the students were new to computers.  

Some youth volunteered to help in teaching some basics to the new learners. Some of the basics were creating a folder, deleting a folder, moving it from one place to another, and restoring it from the trashcan. This gave the youth the opportunity to experience teaching. One time, Arman Lavrentyan, a 12-year-old boy, told me he had no idea how I had enough patience to teach all of them as he was frustrated with helping a single new learner. One thing I observed during computer classes was that the older students (students of ages 12-16) had a lot of typing the words “I love you” in a word document and inserting hearts, changing the colors, and adding borders to the hearts. 

One of my students was Gurgen Martikyan who is on a wheelchair.  He asked me if I’d be willing to give him computer classes. Mr. Martikyan was very eager to learn computers and had some prior knowledge of computers before, so it was relatively easy to teach him more about computers.   

As a part of the computer classes, I went to Stepanakert with 3 girls and 4 boys, to teach them some basics of the Internet. I assisted the youth in opening up email accounts and taught them a few basics such as how to enter their account, how to write an respond to an email, and how to use the gmail chat.