The youth had two scheduled cleanups throughout the summer. The first one was in the cemetery where nine of the ten fallen Artsakh war heroes of Tsmakahogh are buried. During one of the meetings we discussed the items to be brought for the cleanup day. Some of the youth signed up to bring flowers to put on the gravestones.  It was an extremely interesting experience for me. My amazement began before starting the cleanup. We gathered together at the special cemetery and I asked why it was important for us to do this cleanup. My question was directed towards the importance of keeping the environment clean. However, a 9-year-old Taguhi Gevorgyan raised her hand and answered that it was important for them to clean this special cemetery because those heroes had protected their Motherland and had given their lives for them. I was shocked by this answer.


The second cleanup took place on the school ground. After collecting trash from around the school, we took the trash to one of the two stores of the village and asked for the trash to be weighed. Together we collected 2 kilograms and 700 grams of trash. Next, we taped most of that trash on a large white poster and displayed it in the schoolyard. The youth were shocked at the idea of displaying trash, while others really enjoyed preparing the poster.