Children’s Day

I was not present at the children’s day event because it took place the day after I left Tsmakahogh. It was a major accomplishment for the youth to organize an event without my presence. We purchased interactive school supplies for all 45 students in the village as presents for this day. Some of the items included colorful rulers and pencil sharpeners, lipstick-like and cell phone-like erasers as well as coloring books. Each student received 4 items.  

The youth organized some children’s games/competitions for this day. I received an email one day after the event from 15-year-old Seroja Avanesyan who wrote: “Hi Shushi. How are you? How do you feel after leaving here?  The day after you left, we organized and implemented the children’s day. We organized competitions, in which all the children participated. They were very happy. After the competitions, everyone received their presents and went home.” Because there is no Internet in Tsmakahogh, Seroja had to walk for three hours (an hour and a half each way) to get to the nearest Internet station in Vank village to write me an email.  We had opened an email account for him only days before this email during our visit to Stepanakert.  I introduced him to using email as a mode of communication, and with one lesson he was able to write me the note.